graphic  x  tactile  x  behaviour

Commissioners and collaborations include 
Bouwfonds Project Development [BPD]; Burgerweeshuis Amsterdam, CBK, Connecting the Dots, Design Academy Eindhoven, de Groene Amsterdammer, City of Amsterdam, Festival Hongerige Wolf, Irma Boom office, Kever Genever, Lloyd hotel, Modestraat, Nieuw Dakota, New Metropolis; Pakhuis de Zwijger, Oilily, Rijksmuseum, Studio OvN, Studio Kura, the Vulva Gallery, Willem de Kooning Academy, Z33

Berberisstraat 16
1032 EL Amsterdam

t 0641791341

Sanne van de Goor is an artist/designer based in Amsterdam. Her work is characterised by a thoughtful, sensitive and playful approach, tailored to unique situations. She is working on both self-initiated and commissioned projects. Informed by her studies Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld academie and her experience as a book designer, her current focus is on large-scale graphic and tactile interventions.

Fascinated by the underlying rules that create a structure, Sanne likes to start from parameters that are already in situ; a narrative that can only be told in that particular place. She collects stories of users or residents, researches the building and its history and distils a new narrative out of these.
    With an interested in process as much as result, her work evolves around everyday patterns manipulated by habits, (unforeseen) behaviour and time.