graphic  x  tactile  x  behaviour

Commissioners and collaborations include 
Bouwfonds Project Development [BPD]; Burgerweeshuis Amsterdam, CBK, Connecting the Dots, Design Academy Eindhoven, de Groene Amsterdammer, City of Amsterdam, Festival Hongerige Wolf, Irma Boom office, Kever Genever, Lloyd hotel, Modestraat, Nieuw Dakota, New Metropolis; Pakhuis de Zwijger, Oilily, Rijksmuseum, Studio OvN, Studio Kura, the Vulva Gallery, Willem de Kooning Academy, Z33

Berberisstraat 16
1032 EL Amsterdam

t 0641791341

Sanne (Josephina Maria) van de Goor is a designer and based in Amsterdam. Since finishing her degree in Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie she has been working as an independent designer on both self-initiated and commissioned projects.
    Informed by her experience as a book designer, in recent years Sanne has moved on to large-scale graphic and tactile interventions. In these spatial settings she always seeks to establish a careful balance between colour, composition, material and meaning.  

Sanne likes to start from parameters that are already in situ, in search of something with an explicit connection to the site she is asked to design for; a narrative that can only be told in that particular place. She collects the stories of users or residents, researches the building and its history and then distils a new narrative out of these.
    Her site-specific work is a conflation of factors that can be manipulated but not predicted.
Sanne is interested in process as much as result. Her work visualises existing and resulting behaviours, patterns and habits. It embodies the tension between precision and randomness, between chaos and control. Her spatial intervention adds a layered quality to the site by actively combining graphic, tactile and interactive elements.